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Owning a local business in Wyckoff, NJ can be difficult. Keeping it open can be even more tough. I know firsthand, because we didn’t build this practice overnight. It took lots of hard work, and of course, help from our community. It can be hard to reach new audiences when you’re competing against big businesses with larger budgets with established brands.

We can overcome the disparity created by big businesses by forming partnerships and drawing our customers’ and patients’ attention to each other’s businesses.

When I first began my blog, I wanted it to be a platform to educate readers and get them passionate about dental health. Our community, like most, is characterized by the local businesses that provide unique goods and services. Most people don’t realize that local businesses are the heartbeat of a community. They help keep money in our local economy, create jobs, and give our town character.

I want to use my blog for good by shining a spotlight on the businesses that give our town life. Whether you own a veterinarian’s office, local restaurant, or any other type of local business, you can support my endeavors by filling out the form below. Help me draw attention to the businesses that matter by featuring your business on our blog.

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