Eat Local at Abma’s Farm

fresh vegetablePart of what makes Wyckoff such a great community are the creative local businesses that give it personality.

Today, we’re going to continue to shine a spotlight on the businesses that make Wyckoff thrive.

Abma’s Farm has been making a positive impact on our Wyckoff community for over 85 years. Even though the name suggests it’s a farm, Abma’s Family Farm is more than just a farm.

It’s a positive atmosphere where you and your family can learn, eat healthy gourmet food, and support the sustainable movement. As time has progressed, their business has evolved to suit the needs of the community.

About Abma’s Family Farm

Abma’s Farm has a rich history in the Bergen county area. The farm is a 30-acre farm that’s been around since the 1790s. In their sustainable efforts, they’ve managed to maintain the original homesteads and buildings to protect their original state. So, when you take a trip to Abma’s Farm, you’re also physically exploring some of the oldest buildings in Wyckoff.

In fact, Abma’s largest Dutch style barn is a sight to behold. It’s one of the few barns over 200 years old that’s still standing in Bergen County. The large barn has been converted into a retail store, where you can go enjoy baked goods made from fresh ingredients and gourmet meals. At Abma’s you’ll know exactly where every last ingredient in your meal is sourced from. After all, they’re the only poultry and produce farm in Bergen county.

They’re the only community-oriented business in Wyckoff, where you can procure fresh veggies, fruit, poultry, eggs, baked goods, and healthy well-grown plants. They’re one of the few businesses in Wyckoff that truly champions the importance of family. They want to share their family’s farm experience with ours, so that we can learn and grow closer as a community.

The employees at Abma’s always seem like they’re happy and enjoy what they do. They’re knowledgeable of their products and don’t mind going the extra mile to help educate you about their products – and they have a lot of products!

Beyond their homegrown produce, they also have their own brands of salsas and dips, which are delicious. They also have pies, pastries, candles, and quaint country house-warmers. If you like to partake in libations, Abma’s also has a winery in their market, as well as a wine tasting bar that only serves local wines.

If you have kids, you should check out the petting zoo. At the petting zoo, your children can see rabbits, goats, sheep, cows, and chickens. For a little extra fee, you can purchase crackers and carrots, so they can feed and learn about the eating habits of domestic farm animals.

Abma’s Local Movement

Abma’s Farm carefully plants their crops, so that they’re able to yield different variations of crops throughout the entire year. This way, you can expect to find the freshest fruits and vegetables. Since they’ve been around for over 85 years, they understand the importance of buying local and in-season food.

Because Abma’s cares about the quality of the products they bring to the community, they only raise their free range chickens on the highest-quality feed. They also collect the eggs twice daily, so that you get the freshest products.

If you live in Wyckoff and haven’t checked out Abma’s Farm, yet, I highly recommend you go support everything they’re doing. They’re open Monday through Friday from 8 am – 6 pm and Saturday from 8 am – 5:30 pm at 700 Lawlins Road.