Wyckoff Cycle is Getting Our Community On the Road

Wyckoff CycleDo you have a bicycle that needs maintenance? Better yet, do you need a bicycle in the first place? Whether you have a bicycle, or you’re in the market for one, there’s no better place to look than Wyckoff Cycle.

When it comes to buying a bicycle, you could always go to one of the big box chains, like Walmart or Target. If this is the case, I wouldn’t expect personable customer service or high-quality products, if I were you.

Wyckoff Cycle sets the standard for bike rentals, purchasing, and maintenance in Wyckoff and the surrounding areas. Local businesses like this one show how small businesses are able to fuse their passions with the goods and services that they offer. Not to mention, they’re able to see the need for a service in an area and fulfill that need, specifically tailored to the town.

Wyckoff Cycle’s Story

Wyckoff Cycle began when two friends, Patrick Hunter and Michael Porraro got together to open a business on the things they’re passionate about, cycling. In the late 1990s, Michael and Patrick became friends, while working together at Bergen County Cyclery. When the shop owner retired, the only bike store in Wyckoff retired with him.

Patrick and Michael knew that this wouldn’t be acceptable, since they and many others in Bergen county were still ardent cyclists. So, in April 2010, they filled the void by opening their own bike store, Wyckoff Cycle. Weary of having to deal with so many big box stores, they decided to base their business off providing down-home service, where they get to know their customers.

This passion for cycling shines through in all of their work. They genuinely care about the customers’ cycling experience. So, they go above and beyond to provide the absolute highest standard of service.

Full-Services with Excellent Customer Service

Not to mention, their full-service shop has all of your cycling needs from different riding styles, price ranges, parts, accessories, and bikes for all ages. If you’re the kind of shopper, who likes to look things up online first, you can conveniently check out their products online. They have helmets, bike pumps, tubes, and pretty much everything you’ll need to get on the road, bobbing and weaving through traffic.

Another unique service they offer is trade-ins. They’ll take your broken-down and old bicycles for $25 off a new purchase – no matter the age, condition, or type of bike. They’ll even come pick it up from your house, so you don’t have to worry about hauling it out. Try and get away with a deal like this at Wal-Mart. They’ll turn your garage’s trash in cash.

If you’re not ready to part ways with your busted-up bike and would rather have it restored, Wyckoff Cycle can help. They’ll do everything from annual tune-ups to fixing your flats and replacing parts. Their expertise allows them to fix every kind of bicycles, despite their brand, model, age, or condition.

Even if you’ve never cycled before, Wyckoff Cycle will make it easy for you to start a new hobby at a reasonable price. In fact, they’ll even order you a demo bike to try out before making a full-time commitment to a purchase. You can expect to be treated with V.I.P. status the second you walk through their door and have all of your cycling needs met. They won’t try to oversell you on gear, and I can guarantee they have your best interest in  mind.