What are Dental Implants?

If you are missing a tooth or if you’re unhappy with your smile, dental implants may be the solution for you. Dental implants are the most natural looking, comfortable, and convenient tooth replacement option for patients that are missing teeth. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s also a great healthy option with little maintenance needed. It’s the most appealing method of restoring teeth because of how easy it is to take care of on a day to day basis. The implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically grounded in a patient’s jawbone then fitted with custom-made replacement teeth that blends in with the rest of your natural teeth and fits your face for a beaming smile. This is all done without the discomfort of braces and hassle of other procedures. Read on to learn more about the benefits of dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When it comes to restoring and rejuvenating teeth, there are many benefits of dental implants especially when it comes to dental implants vs. dentures.  While dentures are removable and can come loose from lack of stability and glue, dental implants fuse into the patient’s jawbone and do not need to be removed for eating or cleaning. They work and feel just like natural teeth so you can maintain your implants the way you maintain your natural teeth, with brushing and flossing. Dental implants look natural and most people would not be able to tell that you have them on. Dentures on the other hand can often look fake and become a hassle with cleaning and the messy glues. Also, people find that when they take out their dentures become very self-conscious with their lack of teeth and of how different they look without their dentures. With dental implants, they are not removable so you can feel confident in knowing that not only do you and your smile look great, but your health is in great shape too. Here at Midland Family Dental Care, our team is committed to giving you long-lasting results. We custom design your dental implants to keep you looking your best. To learn more about the outcomes of dental implants, take a look at our testimonials page and see what our patients have to say about their dental experience in our offices.

The Dental Implants Process

The process of dental implants varies from case to case, from patient to patient. If a patient lacks sufficient jawbone or gum structure but their overall health is good, they are eligible for bone grafting or soft tissue augmentation in order to move on to the next step, dental implants.

When it is determined that the patient has stable jawbone and gum structure, the dental implants process will begin with oral surgery to apply the artificial tooth roots. If you are particularly anxious when it comes to dental work, talk to Dr. Puccio and he will decide if dental sedation is right for you.  The patient then undergoes anesthesia and then the dentist will make small incisions through the gums to get to the jawbone. Next, the titanium tooth roots will be screwed into the patient’s jawbone and then the gums will be closed with stiches. A temporary crown or a similar restoration will be fitted before the healing process begins. Once all is healed and the implants had been placed, the process of osseointegration begins. This is the process of the artificial tooth roots fusing to the patient’s jawbone and this can take up to a few months. After osseointegration is complete, the patient will return to our office to receive their permanent replacement teeth fitted over the top of the implants. The cherry on top? You never have to worry about removing the implants for cleaning, applying adhesive pastes, or eating. It’s just like maintaining your natural teeth, no special instructions apply.

Do you have questions about dental implants?

The Midland Family Dental Care team wants you to understand the process of our procedures inside and out for the most transparent, calming dental experience you can have. The better you understand the procedures and what they entail, the better you will feel about your experience. However, if you still are unsure if dental implants are right for you or if you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact our Wyckoff, NJ office for more information. If you’re ready to set up your consultation, just give us a ring to schedule your appointment. We look forward to assisting you!